Our Story

Behind every product there is a story to tell


We look back on the great civilizations of our history, those that have changed the world and made us dream.

One of these civilizations has inspired us to create the philosophy of Montecelio, gathering its constant search for different cultures and customs and that devotion to art. We thus move to the origin of the Roman Empire, to the origin of Rome, to the origin of its civilization, to its hills. To one of them, Monte Celio, we owe our name.


We love to tell stories. For us, behind every product there is a story to tell. We will make you dream, we will take you to other places by travelling through our products, their flavours, their scents. In every sip you will notice the quality.

Our mission is to fill the world with moments of enjoyment, trying to surprise with our essence: origin, culture and people. We want to awaken inspiration and enthusiasm for the future and the emotion of the present, captivating the senses with new sensations. Will you join us?