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This coffee is the result of the selection of an exotic bean, rich in aroma, texture and flavour, which offers an exquisite cup. The peak of the harvest of this coffee is between the months of January and February. It is harvested at dawn and manually, when the bean is at its optimum point of maturity, that is, when the bean has an intense purple colour. The pulp is removed semi-manually, in a mild climate of 28ºC. It is then placed in water tanks for 15 hours to ferment. Afterwards, it is dried by means of solar domo-type dryers. Once it has dried, the defective beans and the pulp are separated from the grain. Finally, the beans are washed to separate the mucilage. This whole manual and delicate process is called White Honey.

Source: Honduras

Region: Marcala

Farm: Los Catadores

Altitude: 1.675 metres

Variety: Catuai

Process: Honey

Score: 86,25