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Direct ticket to England with the first sip.

At 5 p.m., England has tea. A deep-rooted tradition started by the high English aristocracy centuries ago. Immerse yourself in that tradition with this black tea with bergamot.


Black tea has a 100% oxidation degree, a more intense flavour than other types of tea and we can perceive smoky notes, tobacco, wood or cocoa among others.


Bergamot is a small citrus fruit and slightly similar to a pear. Its flavor is sour and its aromatic skin is used to obtain essential oil with which we give this infusion a delicious touch.


Among its properties we can find:


– It is ideal to be consumed before meals, since it prepares the digestive system to work properly.

– It protects the immune system and helps fight infections.

– Because of its fluoride content, it helps prevent cavities and oral diseases

– It helps to reduce stress.

– It activates the mind, facilitating our capacities of concentration.