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We carefully choose each blend, ensuring that each range has its own personality, without losing the essence of Montecelio. From professional formats, to the comfort of the capsule or the most exclusive specialty coffees; without forgetting our ecological range.


We have traveled the world, selecting the best raw material, discovering the ancestral recipes of countries where the tea ceremony rather than a tradition, is a ritual.


The most refreshing teas and rooibos combined with the most tropical flavours, to enjoy throughout the year. We’ll leave you cold with our nine 19-calorie alternatives.


From the court of Moctezuma to our times. Enjoy the beverages of the Aztec gods, with the latest range of chocolates designed for all palates and lifestyles.


The highest quality, taking care of every recipe, in all our products. From coffees, teas, iced teas and chocolates; for professionals but also to enjoy at home.



We love to tell stories. For us, behind every product there is a story to tell. We will make you dream, we will take you to other places by travelling through our products, their flavours, their scents.


Catering is our passion. Professionals, baristas and coffee lovers are our best ambassadors. Without them, our products could not be the focus of moments and experiences. Therefore, for you barista, professional of catering, lover of quality, we have much to offer.


We want to inspire you and keep you up to date on the latest coffee, teas and chocolates. You will make the most of your favorite Montecelio products with the recipes and tips that our baristas share for you.